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Frank Woodall

Timothy A. Braaten                                                                                                                                                                February 26, 2018

9004 Wildwood Trail

Brownwood, Texas 76801

Phone: 361-676-3881


To Whom it may concern:


    My name is Timothy A. Braaten.  I am a retired law enforcement executive having served for twenty- three years as a Police Chief in three cities in three different States.  The last five-plus years of my career I was the Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (TCLEOSE), now renamed the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.


     I met Frank Woodall in 2006 when I became Executive Director of TCLEOSE. Frank was the Director of Education, Training, and Credentialing. His position was the most critical in the agency as he had oversight in the training of 80,000 peace officers, 25,000 county jailers and 106 law enforcement training academies throughout the State of Texas.  His knowledge of training and what it takes to make training appropriate, useful and above all valuable, is unsurpassed in both Texas and nationally.


    During Frank Woodall’s tenure at TCLEOSE, he was also in charge of training our staff. He believed that leadership was critical in all positions and trained everyone, including myself in ‘Developing the Leader within you.’ Although we were only fifty people in our organization, the magnitude of our licensing, training and regulatory responsibilities demanded leaders in all positions within the agency. The impact of this training was evident.  Within weeks, one could observe the changes made within people and their actions proved leadership lives within all of us.  Quality training can change people and can alter the organizational culture.  Mr. Woodall’s leadership and this leadership training was a major stimulus for the cultural change within TCLEOSE.


      In addition to training our staff, Director Woodall was in high demand to provide leadership and ethics training throughout the State.  Many associations and agencies requested this leadership training that was professionally developed and delivered by Frank.


       In 2009 the Texas Department of Public Safety recruited Frank Woodall to be in charge of all recruit training and all in-service training for this large law enforcement agency. While at the DPS Mr. Woodall developed and initiated a command college for the development of existing and future leaders of the DPS. As a presenter at this leadership training, I personally observed the impact this leadership training imitative had on the entire agency.  


      During my career I have personally attended leadership training in Wisconsin, in Michigan, in Tennessee, and in Texas, at the IACP conferences, at Northwestern Traffic Institute, the FBI National Academy, at LEEDS and many others and I can say without reservation that Mr. Woodall’s preparation for training and his delivery to his audience is without equal. I would highly recommend Frank Woodall to any organization or agency that wishes to have high quality, high impact leadership training.


      I am available for questions or clarifications at the address and phone number listed above.




Timothy A. Braaten


Leadership Training Seminars

During my 7 years as a supervisor, I have been to so many leadership courses.  These 2 days rank at the top of that list.  The new perspectives and personal history shared by the instructors and  encouraged sharing among attendees enhanced the learning environment and increased the take home points. 

Jennifer G. 

A legitimate leadership class with great instructors.  Greg C.

All instructors were very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and engaging.  Dee Dee H.

Each instructor was sincere and passionate about leadership.  Very knowledgeable.  Harrison

I enjoyed the entire training.  One of the biggest things I reflected on is this can be applied  not only to your organization, but to your family as well.  (Really all aspects of life!)  Lacey F.

The leaders all kept my attention and left me wanting more.  Interactions - real life example/stories - I've attended many leadership conferences/seminars and you exceeded my expectations.  Sally M.


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