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ZOOM Contracting and Consulting is an Executive Leadership consulting firm designed to foster organizational growth through evidence-based leadership strategies and lean methodologies

Custom Solutions

ZOOM Contracting and Consulting values each of our clients and we place an emphasis on respect and attention to detail. Our diverse team is adept at providing our clients with the skills and training they need in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


ZOOM Contracting and Consulting, LLC; a service-disabled veteran-owned, minority-owned business; is a cost-effective, efficient, and skilled team of professionals who combine knowledge, experience, and expertise gained in the military, law enforcement, and private sector communities.  ZOOM Contracting and Consulting places a strategic focus on yielding high-quality services to the government and private sector.  Our cutting-edge educational products provide our clients with the knowledge and skills required to meet an ever-evolving 21st Century marketplace.  Our dedicated staff tailors our educational and professional programs to the specific needs of each of our clients.  Our multi-tiered approach toward curriculum and business solution implementation facilitates a seamless transition between ZOOM Contracting and Consulting and our clients. ZOOM Contracting and Consulting brings over seventy-five years of military and law enforcement experience, fifty years of executive leadership and twenty years of business ownership experience to its educational programs.  Our certified resiliency instructors provide our clients with the opportunity to invest in the health and wellness of their personnel by providing evidence-based resiliency techniques to their staff.  ZOOM Contracting and Consulting staff are certified Lean Six Sigma practitioners and well versed in assisting our clients with process re-engineering to yield a more efficient and higher quality process at a lower overall cost. 


At ZOOM Contracting and Consulting, quality is in our DNA!


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